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This website is your one stop source for all things Disneyland. Never been to the park? Check out ride reviews, land overviews, touring plans, and hotel and restaurant recommendations. Interested in learning more about your favorite places in the park? Read trivia and behind-the-scenes stories. Obsessed with Disneyland and want to know park secrets? Learn about hidden gems, urban legends, and more!

Use DoD as an encyclopedia/guide/insider info resource. My goal is to share my experience as a frequent park visitor so that others can make the most out of their visits to the Disneyland Resort. Look for new posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.



Hello, I’m Jessica!

I’m a 90’s kid, raised in a Disney-obsessed household. I started this blog in December 2013 as a space for me to post pictures and my thoughts about one of my favorite places in the world: Disneyland! Like so many others, I’m passionate about Disney movies, characters, and the magical kingdom that brings all the classic stories to life.

Disneyland isn’t just for little kids, and it’s a great place to visit even if you’re not familiar with Disney movies. Take a look around the site, and you might just develop a park obsession of your own!