Welcome to Ask The Duchess Vol. 11, a monthly Q&A post covering a variety of resort-related topics. Ask The Duchess answers questions submitted by readers. If you have a question you’d like answered, send me a message here!

1. Is there somewhere to buy discount Disneyland tickets? (submitted by Chad)

I know some schools and organizations offer discounted tickets for students or club members, so if you are a student or belong to a discount club, check with them directly. Otherwise, buy directly from Disney’s website. DO NOT trust any discount tickets available on non-Disney sites. My other advice would be to buy your tickets before getting to the park. If you wait until you get to Disneyland, you have to wait in line at the ticketing counters, which is a separate line from bag check and from the gate entrance. There’s absolutely no need to wait in an unnecessary line.

2. Can I keep my fast pass ticket as a souvenir? (submitted by Anonymous)

Not if you want to use it. Cast members will collect your ticket so that you don’t use it over and over again. If you want a fast pass to take home, grab one you have no intention of using, and just save it!

3. What is the cancellation policy for a Disney Dining reservation? (submitted by Jaquie)

You have until 24 hours before your scheduled reservation to cancel. Otherwise, you have to pay a fee of $10 per person.

4. What kind of transportation does Disneyland have to the parking structures? (submitted by Karen)

It depends on which parking structure you are directed to. The Toy Story and Dumbo lots have buses that travel back and forth all day long. The Mickey & Friends parking structure has a tram that takes you through Downtown Disney (it’s fun!). And on really badly crowded days, you may have to park in the Downtown Disney lot or in the Anaheim Garden Walk, and the two times I’ve been in that situation I had to walk.

5. What is your favorite Disney ride that is not in Disneyland or California Adventure? (submitted by Anonymous)

Expedition Everest! It has a slightly similar feel to the Matterhorn, but going backwards in the dark took it to the next level. I could have gone on it 10 times in a row.

Thanks so much for your tweets, Facebook messages, and emails. It’s so much fun chatting with fellow Disneyland fans and getting to know you! This month, a reader shared this incredible picture of himself with his mother in Tomorrowland in 1958.


Thanks so much to John Manges for sharing such an awesome photo!

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    • If you are canceling less than 24 hours before your scheduled reservation, they automatically charge you $10 per person on the reservation. If you cancel before that window, you won’t face any kind of penalty.

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