Welcome to Ask The Duchess Vol. 17, a monthly Q&A post covering a variety of resort-related topics. Ask The Duchess answers questions submitted by readers. If you have a question you’d like answered, send me a message here!

1. Does Disneyland have a Hall of Presidents? (submitted by Marie)

No, sadly it doesn’t. But it does have a show called Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, with an animatronic President Lincoln speaking to the audience. It’s very cool!

2. How long would it take to drive from San Francisco to Disneyland? We are thinking of making a day trip. (submitted by Angelina)

The drive takes 7-8 hours from San Francisco, with decent to mild traffic. I would not recommend that drive as a day trip, but a weekend trip would be ok. It’s a long, boring drive down Interstate 5.

3. Where can I buy a silver tiara? I see them everywhere and they are so cute. (submitted by Ashley)

As a proud owner of one of those tiaras, I can tell you they are AWESOME. Very lightweight, completely adjustable, and there are tons of different styles. There are two shops that sell different tiaras: Crystal Arts on Main Street and Cristal d’Orleans in New Orleans Square.

4. Before California Adventure opened, what was in that area? (submitted by Conner)

         It was the original Disneyland parking lot!

5. Which of Disneyland’s storytelling rides (like Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland) is your favorite? (submitted by Clark)

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. It doesn’t have any fancy animatronics, but all of the scenery is hand-painted, and the scenes are just goofy and over –the-top. Plus, it’s a 1955 original!

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    • It’s incredibly easy! Southwest has flights all day long between San Francisco and Orange County (John Wayne). If you are in the South Bay, San Jose to John Wayne is even easier; they have a flight almost every hour during the day.

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