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1. How far away is Disneyland from Sea World? (submitted by Henry)

Sea World is in San Diego, which is a very easy day trip. I used to live 5 minutes away from Sea World, and it would take me roughly an hour and fifteen to an hour and a half each way. It’s literally a straight shot down Highway 5.

2. When is Disneyland’s Christmas Party? (submitted by Aria)

Are you referring to the ticketed event Disney World has, after hours? If so, Disneyland doesn’t have one. They do celebrate the season with overlays, décor, and entertainment, but there’s no ticketed event.

3. What’s the fastest way to get from the Disneyland Hotel to California Adventure? (submitted by George)

You’ll have to walk through Downtown Disney from the Disneyland Hotel. The hotels are unfortunately on the opposite side of the property from the park gates.

4. Can you go on Tom Sawyer Island? (submitted by Lissa)

Yes! The island has several walking trails, swinging bridges, a treehouse…even some cranks and other things to play with. It’s a wonderful, quiet spot in the park.

5. What’s the worst Disneyland experience you ever had? (submitted by Joey)

I’ve been very fortunate in that most of my park experiences have been phenomenal. But two stories come to mind.

Story #1

Earlier this year, my mom and I went to the park for a mini-trip. Since the Star Wars construction closed the railroad, the Lilly Belle Car was out for guests to check out. A cast member encouraged us to go down and see it. But when we reached it, another cast member told us we couldn’t go in, because the group inside wanted a private tour. We said no problem, and sat down to wait.

My mom and I waited almost half an hour before the cast member came back and said, “there’s an appointment going next, so you’ll need to wait for that to happen before you can go.” Anticipating another 30+ minute wait, we said we only wanted a peek, that we would take maybe 30 seconds, but she didn’t care. We asked how we could make an appointment, and she said, “we don’t make appointments for this.” So I said, “then how did they make one?”, and she responded by telling us to exit the platform.

Like I said, the vast majority of my experiences at the park have been awesome, and I encounter fantastic cast members on every trip. But that one stood out because it was the perfect combo of Disneyland pushing guests aside needlessly for VIPs, along with a rude cast member.

Story #2 

Several years ago, my mom and I were back at the park for another trip (we go together about twice a year!). We were in Toontown waiting in line to meet Goofy, and a woman shoved her kid to the front of the line and cut off about 10 people. My mom said, “excuse me, the line is over here” and the woman went OFF. She started yelling to her kid about the rude lady who didn’t want her to meet Goofy.

My mom and I waited our turn, met Goofy, and she continued yelling about how rude we were the whole time we were taking pictures. I didn’t even know how to react so I just laughed a little to myself as we were walking away, and the woman screamed, “DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, LITTLE GIRL?” I seriously thought she was going to throw punches, so I just shuffled away as quickly as I could. That one wasn’t Disney’s fault – but still an awful park experience nonetheless.

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