Ask The Duchess – Vol. 27

Welcome to Ask The Duchess Vol. 27, a monthly Q&A post covering a variety of resort-related topics. Ask The Duchess answers questions submitted by readers. If you have a question you’d like answered, send me a message here!

1. Where is the Mint Julep Bar? (submitted by Tara Leighanne)

The Mint Julep Bar kind of hides in the back of New Orleans Square. You’ll find it by the train station, right outside the French Market’s dining patio.

2. What’s the difference between Disney Springs and Downtown Disney? (submitted by Melanie)

Downtown Disney is the block of shops between the Disneyland Resort Hotels and the parks. Disney Springs is Walt Disney World’s version, (and also used be called Downtown Disney).

3. My son is an extremely picky eater. We wanted to do one nice dinner on our trip, at the Blue Bayou. Will he be able to find something to eat there? (submitted by Theresa)

The Blue Bayou does have a children’s menu. In my experience, Disney restaurants are very, very accommodating. They’d definitely prepare a meal without a sauce or with different sides, if that’s what your son would prefer!

4. Will you ever post POV videos of attractions? (submitted by Grant)

No, I don’t think I see myself doing that. But there are some excellent videos on YouTube for virtually every Disney attraction. I especially enjoy watching the ones from international Disney parks that I may never get to experience in person!

5. Do you have any Disneyland traditions? (submitted by Mariana)

Not too many. My mom and I visit the park together about twice a year, and we challenge ourselves to try to have a new experience each time…if that counts! Other than a few “must rides” I do every time, I don’t have many specific traditions.

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