Welcome to Vol. 3 of Ask The Duchess, a monthly Q&A post covering a variety of resort-related topics. Ask The Duchess answers questions submitted by readers. If you have a question you’d like answered, send me a message here!

  1. I have never seen any Disney movies, but my family is going on a trip to the park. Will I still like it? (Submitted by Claire)

Absolutely! I have relatives who know nothing about Disney movies and still have a blast at the park. You probably won’t care much for the character-based dark rides, but there are tons of attractions to explore that are fun for anyone, Disney fans or not. If you decide you want to familiarize yourself with some Disney movies that have a presence in the park, check out my Movies in the Park post.

2. I’ve been to Disney World in Florida and we always use the Monorail. Is it pretty much the same setup in Disneyland? (Submitted by Jonathan)

Not at ALL. It may seem silly to frequent Disney World visitors, but I was kind of amazed by the Monorail. In Florida, it’s a huge transportation system, and made life really easy when hopping between parks. But in Disneyland, the Monorail is really more of an attraction than a reliable mode of transportation. The cars are much, much smaller, and you have to sit in order to ride. The Disneyland Monorail also only goes two places: Tomorrowland and Downtown Disney (it does not stop in California Adventure). It’s a nice way to hop from Disneyland to the other side of the resort, but it’s nothing like the Monorail system in Florida.

3. What’s the best restaurant at the resort? (Submitted by Anonymous)

Carthay Circle, hands down. It’s unfortunately also one of the most expensive, but it has the best food and an awesome atmosphere.

4. My son is 10, and he’s right on the fence about going on the roller coasters. Any advice on which might be better to try first? (Submitted by Nancy)

Great question! It’s tough to say one coaster is best to try first, since obviously every kid is different and will be scared of different things. That being said, I do have a guide to the scariest rides (including roller coasters) at the resort, which may help you determine what your son is ready for.

5. How often do you visit Disneyland? (Submitted by Anonymous)

As often as I can! I generally average one visit per month, though that number fluctuates depending on my work schedule, family commitments, etc.

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