Now that fall is in full swing, I’ve been seeing wreaths EVERYWHERE. Pumpkin wreaths, leaf wreaths, twigs, hay…tis the season for them all. I couldn’t find any small ones that I liked for my door, so I decided to make my own. It was surprisingly easy, and gave me the chance to put a Hidden Mickey inside my apartment!

What you’ll need:

  • Some kind of wreath material. I found several 5 yard strings with leaves any mini pumpkins, but anything long and flexible would work.
  • Twine


1. Unravel one strand to your desired size for Mickey’s face. This will be your base for the wreath. Next, find the center of the second strand and smooth it out. Each end will make an ear, and the smoothed section will connect them at the top of Mickey’s head.

2. If your wreath has flexible little branches, wind them around the circle to tighten it and prevent unraveling. If it does not, use twine to tighten the circle. Then, use the little branches (or twine) to attach the ears to the top of Mickey’s head.

And that’s it! To hang your wreath, either make a loop from the branches/twine, or attach a command strip to the back.


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