October 2002 – present


When California Adventure opened in 2001, the area in the park now occupied by A Bug’s Land was part of the “Golden State” region of the park. The theater, which shows It’s Tough To Be A Bug! was the only A Bug’s Life themed attraction in the park, and the rest of this area was a walkthrough farm attraction called “Bountiful Valley Farm”. The farm had incredibly low attendance, and by 2010, all of “Golden State” dissolved. But the first piece to go was the farm, and in 2002, California Adventure debuted Flik’s Fun Fair, dubbing this area A Bug’s Land.


Imagineers designed A Bug’s Land so that guests have a fully immersive experience. So rather than view the attractions from a human height, guests shrink to the size of bugs! The towering plants and enormous fleas hanging from the light posts make you feel as though you’ve joined the film characters in their adventures on Ant Island.

Inside A Bug’s Land, guests can explore a number of small rides, wander through the puddle park, or relax in the shady seating areas. Adventurous visitors can take a ride on the Chew Chew Train, or take flight with Flik in his newly fashioned flyers. And don’t forget to check out the theater, where you can experience a digital and interactive show featuring your favorite A Bug’s Life characters!


  • No live characters, but statues of characters located by pathway to Cars Land in rear



  • none


  • none


All of the materials used to make the rides and décor in A Bug’s Land can be found in the movie. Examples: Casey Jr. Cookie Boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, and Cowboy Crunchies Cereal Boxes.

A Bug’s Land is the only land in the resort without a single shop or dining option.

Despite it’s small size, A Bug’s Land connects to three different California Adventure lands: Hollywood Land, Cars Land, and Pacific Wharf.


If you’re visiting Disneyland during the summer, holidays, or on the weekend, getting on rides in A Bug’s Land is going to be difficult. All of the rides are slow loading with low capacity, and lines can get quite lengthy. But during the summer, A Bug’s Land can be an oasis in California Adventure. The trees and plants keep this land very shady and cool, and the puddle park offers a refreshing blast of cold water!

Even if you visit when A Bug’s Land is crowded, take the time to at least walk through this area of California Adventure. Imagineers put in tons of detail, from the light fixtures to hidden statues of movie characters. Although A Bug’s Land is primarily designed for small children, guests of all ages can appreciate its beauty and resemblance to the iconic Pixar film.

Pro tip: A Bug’s Land also has some of the largest bathrooms, so families with small children will want to take advantage of the space!


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