If you’ve ever taken the time to stroll through Cars Land, you’ve probably noticed that each building has a unique style, shape, and incredible detailing. And not every building sits on the main drag; one special structure (and hidden gem) is tucked in the foothills of Ornament Valley.

As you walk along the winding path to Radiator Springs Racers, pay attention to the scenery. You’ll pass under two bridges, and then the stand by line winds through two small buildings. Take a look at the second building, and you’ll see that the walls are glowing!

The Amazing Oil Bottle House is made of recycled glass oil bottles (and cement). The bottles filter in tons of natural light, leaving the house glowing with shades of blue, green, and pink sunlight. A plaque inside reads: “This world famous structure is made from genuine oil bottles saved after being consumed by Route 66 travelers visiting Stanley’s Oasis. Stacked upwards from end to end, these bottles would tower past the tallest fin in the Cadillac Mountain Range and reach to almost one hundred and twenty six-thousandths the distance to the moon.”

The Amazing Oil Bottle House

This hidden gem is a good reminder of the overwhelming detail within the Disneyland Resort. Even the waiting areas have their own special features to discover!

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