Boardwalk Bazaar

Boardwalk Bazaar

April 2009 – present


Paradise Pier – The Boardwalk Bazaar is hidden on the back side of the pier. To find this shop, head behind California Screamin‘s track, between Midway Mania and Mickey’s Fun Wheel. You’ll see the shop along the boardwalk, between Sideshow Shirts and the boardwalk games.



  • Merchandise – shirts, ears, candy, other smaller accessories
  • Price Range – most merchandise ranges from $10-$50, with some pricier costume or collectible items
  • Unique Features – old-fashioned Victorian Boardwalk decor, including lightning and a 2D octopus

Every boardwalk needs a classic shop with souvenir tee shirts, candies, and other little odds and ends. The Boardwalk Bazaar has all that and more! The shop’s open doorways and glowing lights draw visitors from the nearby attractions, and the Bazaar is the perfect place to find some shade from the brutal summer sun.


Given the shop’s open floor plan and large size, you’ll seldom have any difficulty exploring. But the shop does close early for World of Color, so if you’re saving your shopping for later in the day, it’s best to stop by before dinnertime.


Before California Adventure’s expansion and refurbishment, this shop took on a much different identity. Man Hat ‘N Beach (a play on Manhattan Beach) sold similar goods, but its entry boasted a massive clown Jack-in-the-box.

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  1. Connor
    November 14, 2017 at 10:31 am (4 weeks ago)

    neat little store. like that its open


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