Buena Vista Street is always buzzing with shoppers, trolleys, and parades. But the street is also a neighborhood, with elusive residents occupying the second stories of the shops. Though Buena Vistans may never show their faces to visitors, they do leave behind hidden gems and details for guests to find. One hidden gem, the Buena Vista Street Mailboxes, reveals the names of a few residents.

If you are standing at the entrance to the street, facing the fountain, keep to the left. You’ll see a partial staircase about a third of the way down the block, with an open archway.

Buena Vista Street Mailboxes

Climb the stairs, and you’ll find the mailboxes along the wall.

There are four mailboxes on Buena Vista Street:

  • S. Yoshiwara – This mailbox pays tribute to Staci Rei Yoshiwara. Staci was a former Disneyland cast member, friend to many in the Disney community, and lifelong Disney fan, who passed away before Buena Vista Street’s completion. Imagineers put her name on the mailbox so that she’d “always be able to call it home”.
  • E. ValiantWho Framed Roger Rabbit? fans will recognize this name: Eddie Valiant, of the detective duo Valiant & Valiant. Upon his retirement from Toontown police work, Eddie retired to Buena Vista Street, where he’s a quick park hop away from his unlikely friend Roger Rabbit.
  • T. Ogelvie – Theodore Ogelvie was a clumbsy outlaw from The Apple Dumpling Gang. Originally a resident of the Wild West, Theodore finally grew accustomed to city life when he moved into an apartment along Buena Vista Street’s plaza.
  • P. Peabody – Walt Disney World visitors know this resident as Office Percival P. Peabody, Hollywood Studios’ goofy policeman. Office Peabody spends most of his time in Florida, but when he’s off duty, he has a second home waiting in California.

The Buena Vista Street Mailboxes are virtually invisible from the main street. This hidden gem is just another example of Disney’s incredible attention to detail, and serves as a reminder that there is always something new to discover in the parks, no matter how many times you visit!

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    • I spend a lot of time walking up and down that street, hahah! I actually noticed it one day when I sat on the steps next to it for a second so I could quickly move some stuff in my bag around. Lucky choice!

  1. This is such an amazing little detail! I really enjoy the blog, and would love to go see Disneyland myself, when I can afford it 🙂

    • Thanks so much! And yes, the big downside to being Disneyland-obsessed is the steep price tag that comes with it :/

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