Buena Vista Street Popcorn Cart

Disneyland’s popcorn carts are typically not noteworthy; they’re mobile stations too packed with snacks and drinks to have much room for theming. But on Buena Vista Street, there’s a special popcorn cart. It draws attention, with its shiny exterior and unusual appearance…

Buena Vista Street Popcorn Cart

This strange popcorn cart actually fits perfectly with its surroundings if you know its backstory. The chrome paneling & oval window design draw inspiration from 1920s & 30s chrome passenger trains!

 Source: Pin IMG

Railways like the California Limited and Sunset Limited passed through Los Angeles during the height of “Old Hollywood”, the same time that Walt began his animation studio in California. So it makes perfect sense that the Buena Vista Street Popcorn Cart be located right at the corner of Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Land, available for passing travelers as they explore the glamorous end of California Adventure!

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