June 2012 – present


Cars Land – Follow the main drag and you will see the Cozy Cone Motel on the left, across from Flo’s V8 Café.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – outdoor, central patio with seating
  • Reservations – no
  • Entertainment – none
  • Menu

The Cozy Cone Motel is a drive-in motel from the movie Cars. In Cars Land, the motel sits in the same spot as it does in the film, but it serves as a restaurant! This quick service eatery has four different cone windows that offer different snacks and beverages, some of which come in keepsake containers. Guests can enjoy their meals on the patio, or on the Flo’s V8 café patio across the street. The Cozy Cone Motel is also a favorite stop of some of Radiator Spring’s biggest celebrities (Mater, Lightning McQueen), where guests can participate in meet & greets and photo ops.

MY RATING – ★★★★☆

The Cozy Cone Motel is not a dining option designed for meals, but it’s the perfect stop for snacks. They have a ton of different drinks, soft serve ice cream, and both sweet and salty foods for a quick pick-me-up. This is one of the quieter areas in Cars Land, and its patio area overlooks the main walkway. If you’re swinging by Radiator Springs, stop at the Cozy Cone Motel and treat yourself…you won’t regret it!


  • Churro Bites
  • Chocolate-Dipped Soft Serve
  • “Route” Beer Float
  • Vodka Lemonade


The Cozy Cone Motel is inspired by several infamous motels across the United States: the Blue Wallow in New Mexico and the two Wigwam Motels in Arizona and California. Most of the menu items contain cone puns.

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