February 2001 – present


Hollywood Land was originally dubbed “Hollywood Pictures Backlot” and was much more focused on filmmaking and iconic Disney movies. The entrance originally featured a prominent studio gate, and there were no major attractions or headline rides in the land. When California Adventure began its expansion and renovation, the Hollywood area in the park became more of an old-Hollywood setting to house a variety of rides, with less of a focus on filmmaking. Although the Disney Animation center remains a hub dedicated to the development of movies, the rest of Hollywood Land is now a 1930’s Los Angeles neighborhood with theaters and an eerie corner hotel.


Upon entering Hollywood Land, guests go back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood, home to the glitz of old time stars. The long abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel looms in the distance, inviting guests to explore its remains. In the foreground, guests can explore shops, mini eateries, and view a number of shows. Whether guests are looking to laugh alongside the Muppets or brave the climb to the hotel’s 13th floor, Hollywood Land offers an unforgettable experience and some old-fashioned Hollywood charm.


  • Mr. Incredible
  • Mrs. Incredible
  • Frozone
  • Sophia the First
  • Jake (from the Neverland Pirates)
  • Mike Wazowski
  • Sully Sullivan
  • Randall Boggs





When California Adventure started its expansion, Hollywood Land lost its original elephant pillars and sign to make for a more open entrance.

In the front left corner of Hollywood Land, you will notice a building with “Elias & Co., Parking in Rear” on its side. This is a nod to Elias Disney, Walt’s father.


Hollywood Land stays fairly consistent with general attendance levels in the park. If California Adventure is crowded, Hollywood Land will be crowded. But if you make use of fast pass and plan your visit to Frozen for either one of the first or last shows, you shouldn’t have a problem making your way through Hollywood Land efficiently.

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