Off The Page

February 2001 – present


Hollywood Land – Off The Page stands tall, right in the middle of Hollywood Land’s main street. If you walk toward the backdrop, keep to the right and you’ll see the shop’s marquee, just after a rest area with bathrooms.



  • Merchandise – Disney collectibles (jewelry, figurines, ornaments) and artwork
  • Price Range – Huge range, with some accessories under $10 and artwork over $1,000
  • Unique Features – Dumbo shadow at the entrance, elaborate detailing & a crest above the marquee

Off The Page is California Adventure’s largest art shop. Choose from a huge selection of figurines, custom order a print, or bring home a signed painting! If you don’t want artwork, the shop also sells books, pins, ornaments, jewelry, even phone and tablet cases with different styles and themes. Each wall has a whole new type of treasure to choose from.

Sketch animators periodically stop by to illustrate some classic Disney characters, and you can watch and learn from their technique as you browse. If you want any kind of Disney artwork to bring home from the Happiest Place on Earth, Off The Page is a must.


Thanks to its large size, Off The Page is almost never too crowded to visit. This is one of my favorite stores at the resort, and has the best window shopping ever. The rear of the store connects to Disney Animation, so if you’re waiting for a Turtle Talk or Animation Academy session to start, this is the perfect place to kill time.


Off The Page is one of the few California Adventure shops that survived the 2007-2012 refurbishment and expansion project without an overhaul. It’s still true to its Opening Day form!

There’s a VERY tricky Hidden Mickey in one of the Off The Page windows. Look closely at the window with the Dalmatians…specifically, the very last Dalmatian in the line. Can you see the upside down Mickey on his rear leg?

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    • I’m so glad you appreciated this shop, Arielle. And I’m totally with you – it’s pretty much a window shop for me with some of the crazy prices!

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