Take a stroll through Buena Vista Street and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by passing trolley cars, busy candy shops, and Mickey and his friends exploring the street in their dressiest attire. But if you stop to take in the details, you might just find a living piece of park history: the Old Oak Tree!

Old Oak Tree

When you first walk into California Adventure, Buena Vista Street’s front plaza acts as a kind of funneling entryway into the park. On the right hand side, you’ll see a small garden with benches and a stone archway. Just through the archway is the Old Oak Tree.

Legend has it this charming tree was first planted on property behind the Disneyland Hotel in 1955. It was then transplanted to Buena Vista Street for its grand opening in 2012, bringing a real piece of park history onto the charming street.

Today, the Old Oak Tree is one of the park’s only living hidden gems, and is the most famous tree in California Adventure. The benches surrounding the garden make for a lovely place to relax, and its location next to Buena Vista Street’s lockers make it a popular spot for families to meet and regroup. So next time you’re breezing through the park gates, take a second to look back at the Old Oak Tree; it’s the only piece of California Adventure from the “original” Disneyland!

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  1. I give them credit for keeping the tree! It’s more than 50 years old. I love how they incorporated the tree in the park. I always wanted to visit California Adventure and the next time I go, I’ll definitely take a stop and look at the old tree.

    • I heard it directly from two cast members, but you’re right, that’s not as solid of proof as other pieces of Disney trivia. I find it quite frustrating that most Disneyland history books ignore or barely mention California Adventure!

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