Radiator Springs Curios

June 2012 – present


Cars Land – Radiator Springs Curios sits toward the end of the main roadway in Cars Land. If you walk down the street, toward Radiator Springs Racers, you’ll see Radiator Springs Curios on the left, just before Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters.



  • Merchandise – Cars-themed collectibles (pins, vinylmation, tsum tsums) and real cars accessories (license plate frames, stickers, etc.)
  • Price Range – Most items fall under $50, with many collectibles under $15
  • Unique Features – Exterior and interior of building are covered floor to ceiling with Cars memorabilia, including license plates, framed photos, and road signs

Radiator Springs Curios may be a small store, but it carries a huge collection of Cars memorabilia. Visitors to the quaint country store will find tons of pins, stickers, toys, candies, clothing…if you want something Cars-related, this shop has it!


Given the small interior of the shop, it doesn’t take much traffic for it to feel cramped. Luckily, crowds tend to flow in and out pretty quickly. Avoid the shop immediately after a dance party on the street, since people scatter and often flock to Curios for a snack. But otherwise, there’s no better or worse time to visit.


The shop pays tribute to the fictional Radiator Springs Curios in Cars, owned by Lizzie, a Ford Model T.

There’s a Hidden Mickey inside the shop…can you find it? (Hint: look for the yellow service button on the wall)

Don’t forget to look up! Radiator Springs Curios’ ceiling is covered in tiny wheels.

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