Aladdin's Oasis


Adventureland – Look carefully, or you might walk right past the Oasis! This restaurant is tucked in the front corner of the land, next to the exit to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Head toward the Jungle Cruise, and you’ll see the Oasis to its left; it’s the tan building with mosaic detailing.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – enclosed courtyard patio
  • Reservations – for show dining packages
  • Entertainment – none
  • Menu

Aladdin’s Oasis is Disneyland’s most exotic restaurant. Guests enter through the grand foyer and step into a quiet jungle garden, complete with the Cave of Wonder from Aladdin. The restaurant offers a selection of quick service meal options, or specialty menu items for Fantasmic! or Paint the Night dinner packages. This exclusive dining area is one of the oldest in the park, and is known for being one of the quietest places to enjoy a meal, even though it’s in Disneyland’s wildest land!

MY RATING – ★★☆☆☆

The meals at Aladdin’s Oasis look and taste like cafeteria food. The portions are small and overpriced, and the quality is pretty disappointing, even for Disneyland food (which is often known to be lackluster). The Oasis is also a genuinely terrible option for a Fantasmic! fast pass. The “seating” (standing) area for the show is all the way to the western end of the waterfront, almost by the Haunted Mansion. It’s really hard to see the stage from this angle, and part of the section is obstructed by poles and trees.

The only reason I give this restaurant two stars is for the actual seating area. This restaurant has a two-tier patio in a private courtyard, so it is quiet, peaceful, and the center rock formation is pretty cool. But if you’re here for a nice meal, you’re better off going elsewhere.


  • none


The Oasis used to be the Tahitian Terrace, a dinner show featuring Polynesian dancing, fire dancers, and singers.

Every so often, Aladdin’s Oasis hosts special limited-time shows. In 2008, the Oasis was home to an Indiana Jones stunt show.

Rumor has it you can actually get married inside the Oasis!

6 comments on “Aladdin’s Oasis”

    • No problem! I hope you get to enjoy the patio during your visit! (And if you can’t get over there and still want a quiet shady spot, check out the dock by Edelweiss snacks. It’s not a scenic garden, but it’s on the water and there’s rarely anyone around! If you want the garden vibe, try Rancho del Zocalo’s patio – it’s gorgeous and full of flowers!)

  1. Hi, thank you for your helpful text and photos. I remember going to Aladdin’s Oasis a long time ago. I realize there’s no Oasis show anymore, but is there just basic dining at lunchtime? Can you show up and order a meal and eat it there without having to reserve a seat for that night’s parade or fantasmic? I called Disneyland and they weren’t clear on this. Do you know? Please reply by email.

    • Hi Kit, thanks for asking! To the best of my knowledge, Aladdin’s Oasis is only for parade or Fantasmic! dinner packages. The restaurant is not very popular, so some days it is just closed altogether. I hope that is helpful to you!

      • Hi, just confirming, there’s no lunchtime dining at the Oasis at all? Or is it just on select days? I was hoping to eat there during the day I’m visiting, I remember it as a nice shady garden spot. Thanks again!

      • At the moment, I don’t believe so. Although I don’t have 100% certainty, Aladdin’s Oasis is no longer listed anywhere as a standard dining option, so I’m pretty sure it’s now just for packages. Your best bet would be to ask a cast member when you get to the park. If it’s not too busy, they might let you sit and enjoy the patio even without purchasing a package!

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