Cristal d'Orleans

July 1966 – present


New Orleans Square – Cristal d’Orleans sits on New Orleans Square’s Orleans Street, between the French Market Restaurant and Cafe Orleans. You’ll see the shop about halfway down the alleyway, just beyond Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie.



  • Merchandise – Tiaras, jewelry, and glass figurines/decor
  • Price Range – Most items over $50, with some glass pieces costing $250+
  • Unique Features – Old-fashioned street sign resembling a crystal glass

Each New Orleans Square shop offers a unique selection of merchandise, drawing in visitors from the winding alleyways. On Orleans Street, no shop is as alluring as the sparkling Cristal d’Orleans. You can choose a glittering tiara, personalize some crystal, or chose a Disney-themed piece of jewelry. This tiny shop has hundreds of higher-end souvenirs to choose from, each with more shine than the last.


Cristal d’Orleans is tiny, even for a New Orleans Square shop. But the pricier selection and open floorpan generally leave ample space for shoppers. If you swing by the shop and its overwhelmed, just try again later in the day. Even on the busiest of Disneyland days, the shop tends to quiet down by sunset. So worst case – come back after dinner, and you should be good to go.

Pro tip – save this shop for the evening if you’re planning on buying something delicate. That way, you don’t have to worry about carrying a fragile item with you as you explore the park.


This shop is officially sponsored by the Arribas Bros., so you will find plenty of Arribas merchandise for sale!

Cristal d’Orleans has a sister shop on Main Street USA: Crystal Arts. Both sell Arribas items, including the much-coveted tiaras.

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  1. The perfect store for New Orleans. A treat to see posts on places in the park not standardly talked about by bloggers. Thanks for doing this!

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