Crystal Arcade

July 1955 – present


Main Street USA – The Crystal Arcade sits toward the Town Square side of Main Street. If you’re starting at the train station, keep to the left. You’ll see the Crystal Arcade a few stores down the block, just after the Disneyland Emporium.



  • Merchandise – plush toys, blankets, accessories
  • Price Range – most items under $20

Ignore the Crystal Arcade’s name; it’s actually a giant toy store! The arcade sells a huge selection of plushies, tsum tsums, toys, and small accessories. The open shop connects to more stores on either side, so you may not notice you’re visiting unless you enter from the front door. If you’re looking for a cozy souvenir, the Crystal Arcade is a great place to shop.


Crowding in the Crystal Arcade depends heavily on crowds in the park. On busy days, it’s hard to move around, and you’ll find long lines at the register. And when the park is quiet, this shop is a ghost town. If you’re visiting during peak season, swing by the shop in the evening, after the fireworks, for the best chance to shop without crazy crowds.

One word of caution – steer clear of this area during parades. Park visitors will crowd at the store’s entrance to watch the passing floats, and you might get stuck behind them.


The Crystal Arcade’s marquee displays its address, which is unusual on the street (107 Main Street).

One of the pressed penny options on Main Street was the Crystal Arcade! Unfortunately, this pressed penny is no longer available.

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