Disney Showcase

October 1989 – present


Main Street USA – The Disney Showcase anchors the front end of the street. If you start at the railroad station and head toward the castle, you’ll see it on the right front corner, across from the Disneyland Emporium.



  • Merchandise – Seasonal merchandise and souvenirs
  • Price Range – Smaller items like ornaments under $20, with some collectibles as much as $50 – $100+
  • Unique Features – Much of the architecture from the space’s former life as a restaurant remains, including the chef window

The Disney Showcase keeps Main Street USA up-to-date with all the latest Disney merchandise. Whether it’s Halloween, the holidays, or a major party or event, the Disney Showcase constantly updates to reflect the latest and greatest Disneyland happenings.


With a few notable exceptions, I’ve never been very interested in buying merchandise with dates or for specific events and occasions. But even so, I have to stop into the Showcase at least once per trip. It’s really interesting to see how Disney’s merchandise changes from season to season, and it can get you in the mood for the upcoming season, even if you don’t buy anything.

A word of caution – avoid this shop at all costs during parades and fireworks shows. People crowd around the entrance to see the entertainment, and you’ll get trapped in this area without being able to go very far.


You might notice one of the register stations looks like a fully built booth with a window. This was once the chef’s window, when the space operated as the American Egg House.

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