When Walt Disney first conceived of Disneyland, one of the only attractions he immediately wanted for his park was a train. The Disneyland Railroad would provide a grand circle tour of the park, and would be a source of entertainment and a method of transportation for guests. Since 1955, the Railroad has been one of the most heavily visited attractions in Disneyland, and though the park has continually evolved and expanded, the Railroad has remained largely the same. Thousands of Disneyland visitors ride the train every day, but few know that there is actually a Disneyland Railroad Museum hidden within the park!

The museum can be found inside the largest train stop: the Main Street USA station.

Inside the station, you’ll find several different wall displays, panels, and a model of the train. The displays detail the history of the Disneyland Railroad and Walt’s lifelong love of locomotives. You can see original ads for the Grand Canyon Diorama, photos of Walt on the train, and maps of the original Santa Fe railroad that traveled across the western United States.

The Disneyland Railroad Museum

Despite its small size, the Railroad Museum captures how important the Railroad was to Walt, and it’s rich history inside the park. If you decide to take a ride on the train during your trip to Disneyland, make sure to stop in the museum for a behind-the-scenes look at one of the park’s most famous attractions.

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