Fairytale Treasures

March 2013 – present


Fantasyland – Fairytale Treasures is part of Fantasyland’s little side hub, known as the Fantasy Faire. You’ll see a small bridge leading to the Faire on the left side of the castle. The Fairytale Treasures Shop stands on the left side of the Faire, next to the open theater.



  • Merchandise – princess toys, costumes, and accessories
  • Price Range – most toys range from $20-$50, with some pricier collector sets and costumes
  • Unique Features – Fairytale shelves have memorabilia from various Disney films

Odds are if you’re in the Fantasy Faire, you’re on the lookout for some princesses. And as soon as you finish hanging out with royalty, you’ll probably want a souvenir. Fairytale Treasures has everything you need – costumes, wands, jewels, books, plush toys, play sets…you name it!


This shop is pretty large for an area as packed as the Fantasy Faire, so exploring is not usually tough. The only time to be wary would be during and immediately after a performance in the adjacent theater; crowding will make it hard to move anywhere in the Faire. Otherwise, you should have no problem shopping here.


Want to shop in Fairytale Treasures, but hate the congestion by the castle and hub? Try sneaking in the back way! There’s a secret passageway from Frontierland to the Fantasy Faire, that lets out right in front of the shop.

Look up in the corner behind the cash register, and you’ll notice a tiny cuckoo clock.

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