Most Disneyland fans know that the park is inundated with hidden gems, especially in the park’s oldest lands. Frontierland, one of Disneyland’s original lands, has quite a few hidden gems tucked within its dusty trails and log cabins, including one right at its grand entryway: the Flags of the Revolutionary War.

To find the flags, start at the Frontierland entrance off of Main Street USA. Once you cross over the bridge and walk through the fort wall, turn around and look back at the space around the entryway. You’ll see thirteen different flags along the wall.

Flags of the Revolutionary War

Look to the doorway of the fort wall, and you’ll see a small plaque marking this hidden gem.

The plaque reads as follows:

The 13 flags displayed along the top of the log stockade are like those carried by American troops during the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. These standards represent the home countries, colonies, divisions, and regiments of the soldiers. 

One of the first flags to be unfurled bore the motto “LIBERTY AND UNION”. The famous rattlesnake flag with the motto “DON’T TREAD ON ME” was carried by the Minutemen in 1775.

For nearly a year after the founding of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the country was without an official national flag. So, on JUNE 14, 1777, Congress approved a flag with thirteen stripes, alternating red and white, and thirteen stars in a blue field, representing a new constellation.

And thus, THE STARS AND STRIPES became our official national flag, and has since been a symbol of the freedom, courage, hope, and unity of America and her people.

Frontierland has always been a land that pays tribute to American heritage, so its only fitting that its entry be adorned with flags representing its beginning. If you find yourself exploring Frontierland, take a moment to check out the flags; this patriotic hidden gem is one most guests walk right by without even noticing!

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  1. I love frontierland! I took pictures of these flags today, I’m hoping someone will tell me about the red flag third from left. .can’t figure out what’s on it

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