Gag Factory

January 1993 – present


Mickey’s Toontown – The Gag Factory, also known as Toontown’s 5 & Dime, is the largest shop in the area. Visitors to Toontown will find it on the eastern side of the main town square, just beyond the exit to Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.



  • Merchandise – Disney clothes, accessories, toys, etc.
  • Price Range – Most items under $50, with a few more expensive clothing items and collectibles
  • Unique Features – Gag-O-Matic Robot in the center of the store

The Gag Factory is Toontown’s souvenir hot spot. Here you’ll find something for the whole family; toys for the little ones, clothes for grownups, and Mickey-themed décor for the house. Even if you don’t plan on shopping in Toontown, the Gag factory is worth a visit…if only to say hello to Gag-O-Matic, the giant robot producing gags for the town.


In my experience, Gag Factory only gets overwhelmed when the weather is too much: rainy or unbearably hot. Crowds take advantage of the open, shaded rooms as a break from the outside. But for the most part, this large shop is easy to navigate and is not very crowded.


Look up at the ceiling, and you’ll notice building facades. The shop’s interior continues the cityscape found inside Roger Rabbit!

The only other Disney park with a Gag Factory is Tokyo Disneyland.

The game Epic Mickey included Gag Factory inside OsTown, its version of Toontown.

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