Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

March 1997 – present


Main Street USA – The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor sits halfway down Main Street USA, on the left hand side if you are facing the castle. You can find Gibson Girl between the Carnation Café and the candy shop, and across from the silhouette studio.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – limited tables inside
  • Reservations – no
  • Entertainment – none
  • Menu

Guests looking for the a classic Main Street USA experience need look no further than Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. This dessert spot offers a large selection of flavors in waffle cones, cups, or sundae bowls. Gibson Girl is one of the most popular places on Main Street, especially after dark.

MY RATING – ★★★★☆

Gibson Girl is a Disneyland classic for a reason. The ice cream is good, albeit very rich, and the parlor has a great selection of many different flavors, cones, and portion sizes. My only gripe with Gibson Girl is that there is virtually no seating, but if you want to sit you can always head to the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café patio. In my opinion, Gibson Girl is the best dessert place in Disneyland.


  • Cookies and Cream Waffle Cup
  • Cookie Dough Waffle Cup
  • Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone


Gibson Girl has a sundae named after a hidden gem at the resort: the Firehouse Dalmatian.

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