January 1993 – present


Mickey’s Toontown – After you walk under the bridge and reach the end of the entrance path, you’ll see Goofy’s Playhouse on your immediate left, across from Goofy’s gas station.


Goofy’s Playhouse is an open play area for kids, which includes an outdoor patio, porch, and the interior of the house. The house has a number of interactive features, and Goofy stops by a few times a day to greet his house guests!



  • Single Rider Line – no
  • Fast Pass – no
  • Height Requirement – none
  • Duration – N/A

Guests start their tour of Goofy’s Playhouse on his adjacent patio, which has a number of obstacles for children to play with, including Goofy’s car and a watermelon tunnel. The interior of the house is much more detailed, and has a piano, an interactive bureau, and lots of interesting wall décor. When guests finish exploring Goofy’s house, they can meet Goofy (assuming he’s home!) or visit the homes of his famous neighbors. Whether Goofy is home or out in Toontown, visitors will enjoy all of the unique features and interactive activities in the playhouse.

MY RATING – ★★★☆☆

Goofy’s Playhouse is a fun stop for the kids, but unlike Mickey’s House, there aren’t a lot of cool details grownups can appreciate. The Playhouse’s exterior is basically a mini-playground, and the interior is an open room. Little ones love the playhouse, and the different areas on the patio are great for taking photos. What Goofy’s Playhouse lacks in specific activities it makes up for with charm, but for park guests that aren’t kids, there isn’t much to do or see. If you have little ones in your group, definitely stop by the playhouse. Otherwise, take a minute to appreciate the detail in the house’s exterior and skip touring the inside.


Since Goofy’s Playhouse is an open play area, there is no better or worse time to visit. During very crowded park days, you may have to wait to use some of the interactive features, but generally speaking, you’ll be good to go whenever it fits into your touring plan.


During Halloween, Goofy fills his yard with pumpkins, and during Christmastime, he puts up a tree on the upper balcony.

Goofy’s piano plays a special song called “Silly Scales in G”.

Goofy's Playhouse

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  1. Oh wow, Toontown wasn’t on my itinerary but now I feel like I have to go! Goofy is my favorite character. Is there anything for an adult to do there?

    • Not really, but the grounds are still cool to explore. Pretty gardens and a wacky house! Plus Goofy is often hanging out on the porch 🙂

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