The Disney Princess Fantasy Faire is a hub of activity, and is home to Disneyland’s princes and princesses. At the Faire, you can watch a live show, meet characters, or enjoy sugary snacks. Its prime location off Main Street USA makes it hard to miss. But did you know there is a hidden path to the Fantasy Faire? A “stage door” entrance, so to speak.

To find this hidden path, start in Frontierland. Head to Rancho del Zocalo, which is located directly to the left of the Shootin’ Exposition.

Walk into the Rancho del Zocalo entryway, following the street underneath the pergola. Go past the entrance to the restaurant (which will be on your left), and you’ll see a wide corridor at the end of the alley. This is the hidden path!

Hidden Path To The Fantasy Faire

The path leads right into the center plaza of the Fantasy Faire, between the stage and the Royal Hall. And the path works the other way too, of course – it can make for a quick escape when show crowds let out. This corridor is a quick and easy way to pass between Frontierland and the Fantasy Faire, and it’s definitely a great place to show off your park knowledge to your friends!

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