Lafitte’s Anchor

New Orleans Square is pirate central at Disneyland, and not just in Pirates of the Carribean. The whole land is a home fit for a boisterous captain and crew, and there are hints throughout the land that it was in fact once crawling with pirates. The best indication of pirate activity in New Orleans Square is a rusty old anchor, from the ship of a legendary captain from the south.

To find the anchor, head to New Orleans Square. Walk along the waterfront, staying on the lower level. You’ll notice that on the left side of the lower level, there are a few flowerbeds with benches. Look for the flowerbed roughly parallel to Café Orleans, and you’ll find the anchor in a small garden, next to the stairs.

Lafitte's Anchor

Lafitte’s Anchor was originally located in Frontierland, in the area called New Orleans Street. But when New Orleans Square surfaced in Disneyland in the 1960’s, Anchor moved to its current location overlooking the harbor. Whether on the street or in the square, the Anchor is a reminder of a real life Louisiana pirate: Jean Lafitte.

The text reads: Said to be from a pirate ship commanded by Jean Lafitte in the battle of New Orleans – January 8, 1815 – It is also said that Lafitte’s privateering ships left a wake of blood from the mainland to Barataria Bay – But don’t believe everything you read

You may have noticed the name Lafitte in other places in New Orleans Square. There’s an alleged backstory detailing the pirate Lafitte and his life in New Orleans (more detailed post here). Whether or not the tales of a pirate connection to the Square are true, there’s no denying this mysterious anchor hints at a world of adventure hidden within New Orleans Square.

2 comments on Lafitte’s Anchor

  1. Chad WDW
    June 26, 2016 at 8:34 pm (1 year ago)

    I could buy into this theory. It would’ve been cool to have Lafitte in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies though.

    • Duchess of Disneyland
      June 26, 2016 at 9:58 pm (1 year ago)

      I agree, Chad! Maybe he’ll be in the next one?


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