When guests walk into Disneyland, the very first thing they see is the Main Street USA railroad station, typically with a train parked out front. Many park visitors don’t realize that Disneyland actually runs multiple trains, and one train tows a hidden gem at the rear.

Train #1, the C.K. Holiday, dates all the way back to Opening Day in 1955. But this train has seen its fair share of change and growth throughout its lifetime, including a very special caboose that has become a legend in and of itself among Disney history buffs.

Lilly Belle Car

The Lilly Belle, named after Walt’s wife Lillian, is an elaborately decorated private car. The interior furnishings include leather, velvet, mahogany, and glass, complete with armchairs and marble tables. The style reflects Lillian’s taste, though she herself never set foot inside the car.

lillybellecar2 Source: SF Examiner

Walt always wanted a private car on the railroad. But in his later years, the project went on the back burner in favor of bigger attractions and new lands. The Lilly Belle didn’t take shape until the 70s, nearly a decade after his death. Today, the car remains private, though the occasional lucky guest may be invited to take a quick tour on slower days.

Have you ever been lucky enough to take a ride inside the Lilly Belle? It’s definitely on my Disney bucket list!

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