Magic Shop Illusion

The Main Street USA windows are always filled with colorful dioramas, delicious candies, and specialty merchandise. No matter how many times I walk up and down that beautiful street, I always see something new! Since there’s so much going on in this busy land, it’s really easy to miss some of its hidden gems, including the one in a window: the Magic Shop Illusion!

To find this hidden gem, head to the magic shop. If you’re standing on the railroad station end of Main Street, facing the castle, the magic shop is on the right hand side of the street, on the corner where the street narrows from the plaza.

Magic Shop Illusion

Take a close look at the magic shop’s window to the right of the entrance. You’ll see a large, rotating circle with a sign that reads: Stare at the center of the wheel for 30 seconds, then look at the back of your hand.

So what does the Magic Shop Illusion do? The trick works better for some people than others, but it’s supposed to make your hand look like it’s moving (or even slightly growing) when you hold it perfectly still. Next time you find yourself near the magic shop, give the Illusion a try; it’s a cool trick that shows how easy it is to manipulate your mind!

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