Disneyland in 1955 was a very different place. It has always been the epicenter of wholesome family entertainment, but several decades ago, standards of what is “Disney appropriate” were a little different. For one, you could purchase a much larger variety of items on Main Street USA that would never be in a Disney park today, including a lingerie shop and a tobacco store!

While these stores are long gone from Main Street, there is one reminder of the infamous tobacco shop. The Main Street Chief, also known as the Tobacco Shop Indian, has been watching over Main Street USA since 1955. He stands just to the right of the Main Street Cinema, on the eastern side of the street.

Main Street Chief

The Tobacco shop remained in Disneyland until 1991, though guests couldn’t smoke its cigars outside of designated smoking areas. When the shop disappeared from the street, guests worried about the fate of the iconic chief. But he survived the transition, and is still one of Disneyland’s most familiar faces.

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