July 1955 – present


Main Street USA – You will see the vehicles making their way up and down the center of the street throughout the day, especially mid-late morning and noon.


The Main Street Vehicles are a collection of cars modeled after early 20th century automobiles: a fire engine, an omnibus, several cars, a wagon, and a horse-drawn trolley. These vehicles take guests from one end of Main Street USA to the other, offering a view of the numerous shops, restaurants, and historic buildings in this classic land.



  • Single Rider Line – no
  • Fast Pass – no
  • Height Requirement – none
  • Duration – 7:00

Guests can hop aboard any one of the Main Street Vehicles for a scenic tour of Main Street USA. The friendly and knowledgeable drivers can teach you lots of cool trivia and history of the park, so be sure to chat them up. Whenever you get the chance, take the time to fully immerse yourself in the old-timey charm of Main Street USA by taking a ride in a classic American car.

MY RATING – ★★★★☆

The Main Street Vehicles are a charming addition to Main Street USA. Their presence alone really makes this land feel like a genuine street, and the cars bring history alive within Disneyland. Don’t overlook this attraction as you rush through the park; even if you don’t have time to take a ride, stop and appreciate the Main Street Vehicles!


Your best chance of seeing the vehicles in action is during the morning, before parades start and big crowds file into the park. If you want a ride, hop on just before lunch to get a scenic view of Disneyland’s most nostalgic land. Bear in mind that the vehicles are extremely crowded during the summer and holidays, so if you’re visiting the park during these times, you’re better off appreciate the vehicles from afar.


Walt Disney was known to drive the fire engine around the park in the morning, before the gates opened to the public.

Each park has a different set of turn-of-the-century vehicles for guests to admire and ride in. If you’re visiting a new park, don’t overlook this attraction, as the cars are likely different from those you’re familiar with!

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