Disneyland is known for its exciting coasters and nostalgic rides, but behind the headliners there’s so much more to discover. In fact, Disneyland holds so many hidden treasures, its almost like a museum in and of itself. Some of these treasures include a series of Orchestrions, early 20th century instruments meant to mimic the sound of an orchestra.

The first Orchestrion was manufactured by Nelson-Wiggen. The Orchestrion in Frontierland can be found in the back of the gift shop (in the room called “Silver Spur Supplies”):

The Orchestrion used to reside at the Main Street railroad station. Drop in a quarter to hear some music!

The plaque reads: The better automatic – Mfd. by Nelson-Wiggen – Chicago

The second instrument is a Welte Orchestrion, located against the back wall of the Penny Arcade on Main Street.


Each Orchestrion plays beautiful music, and is a piece of park history hidden in plain sight. Stop by both to experience an extra dose of Disney nostalgia!

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  1. FYI, There is only 1 Nelson Wiggen 6X piano at Disneyland. The one that was in the Main St. Train Station was moved to the Silver Spur.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing. Who would’ve thought they’d put something like that in the back corner of a store. Neat!

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