The Astro Orbitor has been a fan favorite in Tomorrowland since the park opened. But like the rest of Disneyland, the Orbitor regularly updates and occasionally overhauls to stay updated and exciting. Did you know that the rockets currently on the Orbitor are not original? That may not seem surprising. But I bet you didn’t know that you can actually see two of the original astro rockets in the park!

Swing by the gift shop attached to Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (called The Little Green Store Command). Against the back wall, by the hallway to the attraction exit, you’ll see an unusual shelf.

Original Astro Rockets

This is one of two original Astro Rockets, repurposed as a shelf within the gift shop. The other sits on the opposite side of the store, next to the green alien mural.

It’s always nice to find little pieces of Disney history hidden within the park. This one is particularly cool, because once you realize what you’re looking at, you wonder how you’ve never noticed it before!

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  1. I went on the Astro Rockets before the 1998 overhaul. I wonder how many guests have actually been in one of those seats.

    • It’s quite remarkable that they survived the overhaul. And guests walk by them every day without ever knowing what they’re seeing!

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