Pieces of Eight

March 1967 – present


New Orleans Square – Pieces of Eight can be found next to the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean. To find the gift shop, head down Royal Street (the first alley way in New Orleans Square), and keep to the left. You’ll see Pieces of Eight on the left, just after the Blue Bayou.



  • Merchandise – pirate souvenirs, accessories, and toys
  • Price Range – most merchandise ranges from $10-$50, with some pricier costume or collectible items
  • Unique Features – voodoo dolls and treasure in the windows, unique chandeliers

New Orleans Square is pirate-central in Disneyland, thanks to the Caribbean adventure within its largest building. But as you leave your boat ride, take a second to pass through Pieces of Eight, the pirate gift shop located right next door. Choose from all kinds of pirate wares, including swords, thick-brimmed hats, and of course, lots of gold. After visiting Pieces of Eight, any pirate will leave Disneyland with all kinds of new treasure.


Pieces of Eight tends not to be overly crowded, since most guests leaving Pirates of the Caribbean breeze right by without ever stopping inside. It’s easiest to visit after you’ve been on the ride; just turn right as you reach the bottom of the exit ramp.


The name “Pieces of Eight” comes from a Spanish coin, minted in the golden age of piracy. It was one of the most coveted pieces of treasure for roaming pirates!

Jack the Monkey from the Pirates movies hangs from the chandelier above the cash register.

Don’t forget to look up at the shelves within the shop. Each carries mysterious potions, old candles, and strange portraits that have washed ashore from many a wrecked pirate ship.

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