Pixie Hollow

October 2008 – present


Fantasyland – Along with the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire, Pixie Hollow is one of the two remote sections of Fantasyland, disconnected from the main land behind the castle. The entrance to Pixie Hollow is located off of Main Street USA. Turn right at the castle, toward the Matterhorn Bobsleds. You’ll see the Pixie Hollow entrance on your right, next to the pond and garden.


Before Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell occasionally appeared alongside Peter Pan in the park, but was hard to find. But when Disney released a new series about Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in 2008, demand for Tinker Bell in the park skyrocketed.

The gardens next to the Matterhorn had been used as a meet and greet area for Ariel since the late 90’s, but with plans to build a new princess area in Fantasyland, Disney decided to transform the gardens into fairy territory. Ariel moved to the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire, and Tinker Bell and friends have occupied Pixie Hollow ever since.



  • Single Rider Line – no
  • Fast Pass – no
  • Height Requirement – none
  • Duration – N/A

Guests begin their tour of Pixie Hollow in the waterfront garden, overlooking Main Street USA. Once they step inside the reeds, they immediately shrink to the size of fairies. With oversized plants and miniature furniture, Pixie Hollow gives the illusion that guests have entered the world of Tinker Bell and her friends.

The interior of Pixie Hollow is a series of fairy rooms, where Tinker Bell and friends conduct meet and greets. Guests can chat, have the fairies sign autographs, and take photos with their favorite characters. The tour of Pixie Hollow ends at the back of the garden, where guests return to the trail behind the Matterhorn.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

Pixie Hollow is a very unique area in Disneyland. It uses the same visual tricks as A Bug’s Land to make guests feel as tiny as the resident characters, and the décor in the meet and greet rooms adds a cute touch to photos. Waiting in line can be a pain, especially on hot days, but fans of the Disney Fairy franchise will definitely find Pixie Hollow to be worth the wait.


Crowd levels at Pixie Hollow tend to stay fairly consistent. The wait time to meet the fairies is usually 30-45 minutes on less crowded days, and up to an hour and a half on busy park days. Since there is no fast pass, you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to wait in line. (If you have to choose waiting for the princesses or the fairies, I’d recommend the princesses; you can often see at least part of the live shows while you wait in line at the Fantasy Faire.)

Note: Tinker Bell is pretty much guaranteed to be in Pixie Hollow, but her friends tend to rotate. While Pixie Hollow does host the whole cast periodically (Vidia, Terrence, Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa, Periwinkle), they are usually not all there at once. To make sure you catch your favorite character, ask a cast member who is at home and/or when a specific character will be there.


Some of the base structure of the Monsanto House of the Future is still in the ground at Pixie Hollow, because it was too difficult to remove. The structure is hidden within the plant life, so it’s pretty much impossible to see as you tour Pixie Hollow.

While it’s fairly obvious that you are meant to shrink to the size of a fairy inside the Hollow, most guests don’t notice that you are supposed to be shrinking as you move closer to the meet and greet area. Pay attention to the plans and scenery as you move closer to the fairies; the plants will get bigger and bigger so that you feel like you are getting smaller and smaller.

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    • This attraction technically belongs to Tomorrowland. But you’re absolutely right, it is smack in the middle of all 3!

    • I think so too, Chad. The Fantasy Faire is really like a miniature village, whereas the Pixie Hollow is kind of a couple fairly bare rooms. It definitely doesn’t have as much detail!

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