July 1955 – present


Fantasyland – When you enter through the castle, you will find Snow White’s Scary Adventures on your left, directly across from Peter Pan’s Flight.


Snow White’s Scary Adventures is one of the few rides left that was in full operation on Opening Day in 1955. Then called Snow White and her Adventures, the ride followed the same concept as many of the other dark rides, where guests saw the story unfold from the main character’s perspective. Guests didn’t understand this idea, and were confused as to why Snow White wasn’t in the ride, so she was added during the major Fantasyland refurbishment in the 1980’s. Today, Snow White’s Scary Adventures is known as the darkest of the dark rides in Fantasyland, and Disneyland guests can’t resist coming back over and over again.



  • Single Rider Line – no
  • Fast Pass – no
  • Height Requirement – none
  • Duration – 2:00

Guests braving Snow White’s Scary Adventures begin their journey outside of the dwarves’ cottage. After boarding the cars, guests enter the cottage and visit the dwarves as they sing and dance around their kitchen. But the cheery tone of the first room almost immediately disappears, not to return for the rest of the ride. As Snow White makes her entrance, the mood shifts and the Evil Queen begins her plotting. The cars weave through the dark forest, the Queen’s castle, and the dangerous rocky hillside as the Queen pursues Snow White with her magic apple. Finally, guests witness the dwarves’ daring rescue as they chase Snow White and try to save her from the Evil Queen. In the end, Snow White is saved and guests return to the exterior of the dwarves’ cottage to exit the cars.

MY RATING – ★★★★☆

Snow White’s Scary Adventures, in keeping with its name, is definitely the scariest dark ride in Fantasyland. The interior is very dark, the sound effects and music are loud, and the ride takes guests through the creepiest and most dramatic scenes in the film. It’s not a good idea to test your child’s toughness on this ride, as I’ve seen many little ones crying as they offload. (Side note: a good test of your child’s bravery is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and the Haunted Mansion. If they aren’t intimidated by the loud noises and dramatic ending of Mr. Toad, and can handle the eerie atmosphere of the Mansion, they’ll be okay on Snow White).

I give this ride four stars for one reason: the ending. As the cars wind through the cottage, the dark forest, and the mines, the scenes build in intensity and drama. Riders reach the climax of the film, when the dwarves climb the cliff to reach Snow White before it’s too late, and then…it ends. The doors swing open to a sign that says “they all lived happily ever after” and the ride is just over. It’s an incredibly lackluster ending to a promising and adventurous journey through the first Disney animated feature film.


Even on very crowded days, Snow White’s Scary Adventures has consistently short lines. I have been in Disneyland the weekend before Christmas, one of the worst possible times to visit, and only waited fifteen minutes for this ride. No matter when you work Snow White’s Scary Adventures into your touring plan, you shouldn’t have to worry about a long wait. My recommendation for those participating in Magic Morning would be to hold off on visiting Snow White during this extra hour. Save that time for rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, which will have consistently long lines throughout the day.


If you touch the golden apple outside the door, you can hear the hag’s famous cackle!

Before you head into the ride, look up at the window above the entrance to see a hidden gem: the Evil Queen!

You are supposed to experience this ride from Snow White’s point of view, which is why she is barely present inside.

The Disney World sister to Snow White’s Scary Adventures closed permanently in 2012.

6 comments on “Snow White’s Scary Adventures”

  1. The animatronics in this ride are old school but still so scary. Especially when she comes out in the boat or when she opens the cottage door. I am 40 years old and it still makes me feel like a petrified little kid.

    • You’re so right! They have that wall with the storybook on it when the final doors open; make that a mural of the kiss!

    • You don’t think so? I find this ride so creepy because I think they brilliantly highlighted all of the elements of the movie that scared you when you were a little kid. You know it’s all fake, but you go right back to that inner childhood fear, and you can’t shake it!

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