Mickey’s Toontown may be one of the smaller lands in Disneyland, but that doesn’t mean it has any less magic. Every time you turn the corner in Toontown, you’re bound to discover some kind of secret or hidden gag. Some of the most popular gags require a little effort, like pushing a button or pulling a lever. Or, in the case of one particular hidden gem, opening a crate!

Talking Crates

The Talking Crates sit next to Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, to the right of the Fireworks Factory. Several of the crates bear golden handles, and when you open them up, you’re in for a surprise! Each crate makes different sounds; for example, the “Train Parts” crate emits a loud horn and chugging engine.

Toontown is unique in that it’s a tactile land; almost everything begs for a closer look and a little interaction. So when you visit Toontown, push those buttons, pull those levers, and open those crates. Leave time during your visit to really take in your surroundings, and wander through the buildings in the city center. The Talking Crates are far from the only interactive gag in Mickey’s neighborhood.

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  1. ToonTown is probably my favorite of the lands at Disneyland. I try to keep telling people that ToonTown isn’t just for kids. Adults will like it as well. There is a lot to see and do, even without seeing Mickey or going on Roger Rabbit’s ride. So glad to see a post highlighting this underrated land.

    • I totally agree! There are so many tiny details to find, and it’s really the only land MEANT to be poked and prodded. Lots of people skip over it, which is a shame!

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