The Briar Patch

November 1988 – present


Critter Country – The Briar Patch is somewhat hidden in the sloping trails into Critter Country. You’ll find this little cottage on the left-hand side of Critter Country’s main walkway, across from the Hungry Bear Restaurant.



  • Merchandise – Ears, hats, and small accessories
  • Price Range – Most items under $30
  • Unique Features – Cabin décor, complete with a massive fireplace

Critter Country’s hat shop clearly once belonged to Brer Rabbit; he hung a giant portrait of himself above the fireplace. This cozy cabin offers a large selection of ears, hats, and classic Disney souvenirs. Even if you don’t need any accessories, this cute little store is worth visiting – if only for the beautiful décor!


The Briar Patch opens late and closes early, so don’t save it for the end of your day. The exact times depend on crowd flow and park hours, but you can always ask a cast member if you really want to visit. My advice is to stop by this shop on your way back from Splash Mountain or Winnie the Pooh (ideally before sunset); you don’t have to go out of your way, and you’ll still be able to get what you need.


The Briar Patch’s name refers to Song of the South, and is also connected to Splash Mountain. When your log descends down the famous drop, you are jumping into the briar patch. This cabin is hidden within that briar patch.

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  1. I saw this on DisneylandToday twitter. Seems like a cool store! To my knowledge, the Magic Kingdom doesn’t have an equivalent.

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