Fantasyland is Disneyland’s busiest neighborhood; nearly every character resides within its stone walls. The eastern side of Fantasyland is Alice’s stomping ground, with her dark ride, the tea cups, and the Mad Hatter gift shop. But did you know a friend of Alice’s also calls this area home? Pay close attention and you might just find this hidden gem: the White Rabbit’s Cottage!

To find the cottage, head toward the Mad Tea Party. Turn right when you’re facing the ride’s entrance, and follow the narrow pathway next to the Mad Hatter. On your right, you’ll see a small cottage overlooking the tea cups.

White Rabbit's Cottage

Take a close look at the tiny door and you’ll see a plate bearing the owner’s name:

The White Rabbit is never home; after all, he’s always running late! But his cottage is a great place to take a photo, and has a nice view of the Matterhorn and his noisy neighbor’s tea party.

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    • The cottage is a facade bumping up against the Mad Hatter gift shop. Unfortunately, you can’t visit the White Rabbit in his cottage 🙁

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