It’s no secret that New Orleans Square and Tom Sawyer Island have been captured by pirates. They lurk everywhere, leaving anchors and crypts in their wake. But what’s the most important thing pirates leave behind? Buried treasure! Over the years, two treasure chests have washed up on the Rivers of America shoreline.

The first chest actually hides in plain sight. If you stand at the edge of the river on the New Orleans Square side, you’ll notice a dock (for the rafts to Tom Sawyer Island).

Look closer. Do you notice something on the ledge?

Blackbeard’s long lost treasure!

Venture a little further down the walkway, toward the Haunted Mansion, and you’ll stumble across some more loot. Right next to the raft entrance, you’ll see some little gardens…and a chest buried hidden in the greenery.

No one knows for sure which pirate this treasure belonged to. But if adventurers like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, and Joe Harper say it’s real, seems like we should believe them.

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