If you’ve ever stopped to admire the beautiful buildings along Main Street USA, you may have noticed a few names on the second story windows.

Windows on Main Street

These are the legendary Windows on Main Street, an extremely rare and much coveted Disney honor. Disney legend Marty Sklar shared the qualifications for a window:

  • Only upon retirement
  • Only the highest level of service/respect/achievement
  • Agreement between top park management and Walt Disney Imagineering

All of the Disney parks have this honor on Main Street. Disneyland Paris’ honors stand out from the rest, because they also dedicate windows to fictional Disney characters.

Most names connect with a fictional business on the street, and those businesses often tie with a hobby or interest of the honoree.

Walt’s father Elias Disney has his own window, as does Walt himself (he’s the casting director – how fitting!). As you stroll up and down the street, you might be surprised by how many names you recognize, since the honor is so rare.

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