LEGO Store

 January 2001 – present


Downtown Disney – The LEGO Store sits toward the western end of Downtown Disney. If you’re starting from the park gates, follow the main path and keep to the left side. You’ll see The LEGO Store on your left, just beyond the Jazz Kitchen. If you’re starting from the Disneyland Hotel end, keep to the right. The LEGO Store is just beyond the movie theater.



  • Merchandise – LEGO collector kits, building sets, and individual pieces
  • Price Range – kits have a huge range, from around $10 to well over $200 in some cases
  • Unique Features – LEGO Disney statues inside and outside of the store (tip – don’t forget to look up at the ceiling!)

The LEGO Store is the place where LEGO and Disney come together. Visitors can purchase special Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel collector sets, standard LEGOs, or even build a custom LEGO man to bring home. The LEGO Store also has massive LEGO statues of beloved Disney characters, including Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, Prince Phillip, Maleficent (in dragon form), Belle, the Beast, and more!


This store is ALWAYS busy, even on days when the park isn’t overwhelmingly crowded. Given the circular shape of the store, guests tend to crowd in the middle, so getting in and out of the front doors can be a little frustrating. But once you’re at the walls of merchandise, shopping is easy; there are tons of cast members floating around to help you find what you’re looking for. The LEGO Store is a great place to pick up Disney sets you might not be able to find in stores like Target, and also a great place to shop for generic LEGOs. If you are a LEGO fan and a Disney fan, this store is a dream come true.


The LEGO Store was one of the first stores announced as part of Downtown Disney. Disney publicized some of the shops in the new district in 2000, about a year before the grand unveiling of Downtown Disney.

This store is also known as the “LEGO Imagination Center” in some guides.

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