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February 2001 – September 2010


Golden State – Bountiful Valley Farm was a sprawling walkthrough on the eastern side of California Adventure. Guests could find it adjacent to the Pacific Wharf walkway, just after Sunshine Plaza. Today, this space is partially used by A Bug’s Land, and partially used by Cars Land.


California Adventure originally stayed much truer to its name, with each region of the park imitating a different region of California. Bountiful Valley Farm was a large walkthrough space within the “Golden State” land, and represented California’s massive agriculture and farmland across the entire state. When Caterpillar Inc. signed on as the official sponsor, the attraction also became a mini tour of farming technology. Bountiful Valley Farm opened as an original attraction in 2001, and was one of the few sponsored attractions in the new park.


Visitors to the farm left a busy theme park and arrived in a quiet but busy California farm. They walked through fields of real orange trees, stumbled across cow statues, and stopped by the food stand for a refreshment. There were also several educational displays scattered throughout:

  • Caterpillar Tractors – Learn how Caterpillar tractors help farmers deliver food to your table (and hop inside to learn about the controls)
  • Irrigation Station – A water play area modeled after California farm irrigation systems
  • Santa Rosa Seed and Supply – Purchase real seeds and start your very own farm!

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Bountiful Valley Farm wasn’t closed so much as it was phased out. In a new exciting park with massive thrill rides and elaborate shows, the quiet farm never stood much of a chance. The farm had limited popularity at best, with most park visitors skipping it altogether.

After about a year, A Bug’s Land opened to satisfy two needs. First, it offered rides specifically for children, and second, it promoted A Bug’s Life. Rather than close, the farm instead integrated into A Bug’s Land, with its size slightly reduced.

By 2006, Caterpillar Inc. ended their sponsorship, and removed all tractors from the attraction. The farm became even less popular, especially among children. So when California Adventure announced its major overhaul project, no one was surprised to hear the farm hadn’t made the cut. Bountiful Valley Farm officially closed in 2010, and its land was split among A Bug’s Land and the brand new Cars Land.


Even before A Bug’s Land arrived in California Adventure, the bugs were playing in the park. It’s Tough To Be A Bug! was part of the farm’s sprawling grounds, before integrating into A Bug’s Land less than one year after opening.

This is the only attraction at the Disneyland Resort to have two separate dining spots within: Bountiful Valley Farmers Market and Sam Andreas Shakes.

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  1. I’m sorry I apparently missed this one. As you point out its tough for a quiet and subtle attraction to complete with the nearby glitz. BVF almost sounds like an attraction from the early Disneyland.

    • I completely agree! Very similar to the initial Frontierland setup: a quiet place to walk around and enjoy the scenery!

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