Build-A-Bear Workshop

November 2001 – January 2018


Downtown Disney – Build-A-Bear stood in a prime location in Downtown Disney…right at the center! Build-A-Bear was on the north end of the main Downtown Disney circle, next to RIDEMAKERZ.



  • Merchandise – Teddy bears and stuffed animals, clothes and accessories for the toys
  • Unique Features – Bear totem poll outside the entrance

Build-A-Bear was a magical workshop where guests brought a custom stuffed animal to life. They chose, stuffed (including adding a heart!), “bathed”, dressed, and named their new friends in dramatic fashion. Each new baby animal left the workshop with an official birth certificate, cardboard house, and usually some great new accessories. Anyone looking for a special souvenir from Downtown Disney would be hard pressed to find a more personal shopping process.


In late 2017, Disney announced plans to overhaul many of the outdated retail spaces in Downtown Disney. Though Build-A-Bear was a somewhat popular shop in the area, Disney decided to reinvent the space as a new megastore, combined with the shops next door. Build-A-Bear closed in January 2018, to make room for a new Disney Home shop.


Build-A-Bear almost always had commemorative bears to mark Disney events.

Downtown Disney’s workshop had tons of Disney costumes, animals, and accessories that were hard to find in a regular store.

You could book your own Build-A-Bear party for birthdays or just for fun.

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