BurgerInvasion1 Source: AllEars

February 2001 – September 2008


Paradise Pier – Burger Invasion sat along the waterway of Paradise Pier, in front of the grand Paradise Pier Hotel. Guests could find this quick service spot by walking down the pathway on the right hand side of Paradise Bay, toward Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Today, this space houses Paradise Garden Grill.



  • Service Type – quick service
  • Seating – adjacent patio
  • Entertainment – none

Burger Invasion was California Adventure’s in-park McDonalds. The restaurant, shaped like a giant burger, offered a selection of McDonalds meals, drinks, and fries. Unlike most quick service restaurants in the park, Burger Invasion had different windows for meals, desserts, or snacks. Guests could enjoy their food on the sunny patio alongside the restaurant, which overlooked most of Paradise Pier.


When California Adventure began its big expansion and renovation project in 2007, Paradise Pier was one of the first lands to put walls up. Since Disney’s partnership with McDonalds had come to an end, Burger Invasion was to be replaced by a boardwalk-themed grill. The giant burger restaurant disappeared by early 2009, and was eventually replaced by Paradise Garden Grill.


Burger Invasion had its own billboard, which featured a burger meteor (“meatier”) shower.

Disney’s official partnership with McDonalds ended in 2007, but California Adventure’s burger joint remained open in the park until 2008.

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