Castle Heraldry Shoppe

Fall 1994 – January 2017


Fantasyland – The Castle Heraldry Shoppe started out within the castle, where the Enchanted Chamber currently resides. From 2008 until its closure, the shop moved across the courtyard, next to Peter Pan’s Flight. Today, this space houses the Castle Christmas Shoppe.



  • Merchandise – Family crest merchandise, collectible goods (swords, scissors, coats of arms, etc.)
  • Unique Features – Visitors could look up their family name in giant books to see if they had their own coat of arms!

Ever wondered whether or not your family has its own coat of arms? Visitors to the Castle Heraldry Shoppe had the chance to find out. The shop sold customized merchandise, proudly displaying coats of arms often long lost to history. For visitors without their own family coat of arms, the shop also offered collectible metal works, including antique swords and intricate scissor sets. These one-of-a-kind souvenirs were, without a doubt, the most unique of all merchandise you could bring home from the happiest place on earth.


The Castle Heraldry Shoppe was never terribly popular among park guests. It sold really expensive merchandise compared to neighboring shops, and most people actually breezed right past the door without realizing what waited inside. By 2017, Disneyland decided to make better use of the retail space (already hard to come by in Fantasyland), and turned the shop into a year-round Christmas store.


The shop displayed two full sets of armor: one outside the door, and one by the interior steps.

The Castle Heraldry Shoppe had its very own Disneyland Resort Mailbox! (And it’s still there today).

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