Chapel Hats

April 2016 – October 2017


Downtown Disney – Chapel Hats was a smaller shop in Downtown Disney’s central circle, which surrounded the Uva Bar. If you were coming from the hotels, you’x find Chapel Hats on your left, just beyond Build-A-Bear Worshop.



  • Merchandise – Hats, hair accessories, and weather accessories
  • Unique Features – Wall above the marquee resembles an ocean, with waves and rippling water patterned into the building

Chapel Hats had the distinction of being the only hat shop at the resort with non-Disney hats. That is, no Peter Pan/pirate/Mickey hats, but typical headgear for both men and women. If you were in search of a hat during your stay at the Disneyland Resort, and didn’t want it to be Disney-specific, this was the place to go.


In July 2017, Disneyland surprised fans with an announcement that several shops in Downtown Disney would close. At the time of the announcement, no replacement explained the closures. In the end, Chapel Hats survived a few more months, closing in October. Funny enough, its neighbors survived, remaining open long after Chapel Hats disappeared.


Disney Springs in Orlando also has a Chapel Hats shop.

Chapel Hats replaced Little Miss Matched, a children’s sock store geared toward little girls.

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