This time of year, virtually every shop at the Disneyland Resort sells all kinds of holiday souvenirs, decorations, and treats. But for a long time, Disneyland actually had year-round Christmas shops, spreading holiday cheer even in the warmest summer months.

Mickey’s Christmas Chalet

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This Christmas shop was the largest of all the year-round holiday stops. Guests could buy ornaments, home decor, holiday place settings and cooking utensils, stocking stuffers, and specialty candies. The Chalet opened in 1983, and closed just four years later to make room for Briar Rose’s Cottage, which sold princess accessories and costumes. Today, this building is home to Disneyland’s Heraldry Shop. (Note: this has, as of 2017, returned to being a year-round Christmas shop!)

Castle Christmas Shop

When the Chalet closed, Disney still intended to keep a year-round christmas store in Fantasyland. So the Castle Christmas Shop opened up in 1987, inside the base of the castle. This elusive shop (I couldn’t find any pictures of it!) stayed in the park for almost a decade, before finally closing in 1996. Today, this space is home to the Enchanted Chamber, which sells toys and mini accessories for Disney’s iconic animated characters.

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La Boutique de Noel

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It may not seem intuitive to put a cheerful Christmas shop in a land as spooky as New Orleans Square…but it actually happened twice! The first shop, La Boutique de Noel, opened in 1998. Like those in Fantasyland, this store sold Christmas goodies year-round, and its distinctive red exterior drew in crowds by the masses. The shop stayed in New Orleans Square until 2006, when the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise called for more pirate gear in the land. Today, this shop is called Le Bat en Rouge, and sells a mix of Nightmare Before Christmas wares, pirate accessories, and generic Halloween souvenirs.

L’Ornement Magique

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Disneyland’s last surviving Christmas shop also made a home in New Orleans Square. L’Ornement Magique opened and closed a few times in between 1998 and 2012, bringing some excitement to nostalgic fans every time it reopened. But the shop sadly closed for good in 2012, when Club 33’s expansion called for a new door. Today, the shop is the grand entryway to the private lounge, off limits to guests exploring the park.

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  1. They sell ornaments in so many gift shops all year now anyways, and most families don’t go constantly so they’d have one shot to get Christmas stuff from Disney. I think they should bring back the year-round Christmas store, even just one.

      • Disneyland has reopened a Christmas store in the former location of the Coats or Arms store on your right as you enter Fantasyland just beyond the castle.

      • Yes! I went in on my last visit. It’s very cute, and in my opinion a much better use of the space than the Heraldry Shoppe.

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